Product & Services

Soplix is a unified trial management, data capture and data storage solution that offers the following Good Clinical Practice (GCP) compliant features:

Direct, one-time data capture

Eliminates manual, paper-based processes that are prone to human error.

Security encryption

Reduces uncertainty in meeting FDA audits and staying HIPAA compliant.

Data validation/verification

Ensures that inputs are correct and complete, and prevents entry of incorrect units of temperature, birthdates and date/time stamps, etc.


Source documentation for collecting the data is customized by Soplix experts for every protocol; providers collect exactly what the protocol entails and in the proper sequence/order that is required.


Connect on any mobile device/OS/laptop and connectivity through Bluetooth technology.


Once an adverse event is reported, providers receive an email notification for review.

Patient Portal

Allows patients to log in and quickly self-report side effects in video or text format, which is saved in patient files for review by medical professionals. This real-time feature reduces the lag between occurrence and reporting, an important FDA-related concern.

Cloud-based storage

Unlimited storage of studies on the Soplix database reduces costs associated with warehouse storage of legacy paper files.


Generates customizable print-outs, which provide project managers and medical professionals with the flexibility to print on-demand reports from their data.

Live Video

Provides flexibility to record consents via verbal- or Braille-format authorizations that are recorded and saved in patient files for the duration of the clinical study. Expands the informed consent process to previously underrepresented participant populations and reduces instances of fraud.
Our software is GCP compliant and uses the highest security encryption for FDA audits and HIPAA compliance.