Soplix sets a new standard for quality assurance in clinical research. Dynamically our highly skilled team provides trial management, data collection and data storage expertise to pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers, contract research organizations and life science companies.

Our Strategy

Our strategy is to help companies optimize their clinical trials by integrating separate systems into a centralized and tailored software-as-service (SaaS) solution.

We are in the process of creating a search engine optimized (SEO) website that offers previews of Soplix’s capabilities. We aim to employ engaging referral marketing, as well as targeted email, video and mobile marketing campaigns to raise our profile. We will also directly engage with potential customers at road shows/exhibitions at top-tier clinical research forums, presentations, technology events and symposiums.

Our Approach

With an average development cost of $2.6 billion, over 15 years, clinical trials are the most time- and cost-intensive phases of approving new drugs. Clinical research teams–under pressure to accelerate this process–often manage trials with a patchwork of manual and digital technologies. Companies face the following key challenges:

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Regulatory bottlenecks

Clinical trials are stuck in the approval pipeline for years when they fail to address complex Federal Drug Administration (FDA) and Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) standards.


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Potential unreliability of data

Researchers often struggle with maintaining high-quality data due to failures to follow protocol, keep accurate records, obtain appropriate informed consents, report adverse events/sentinel events and account for the disposition of study drugs.


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Participant recruitment

Inefficient and discriminatory recruitment can threaten the validity of clinical trials. For example, failure to include patients that are illiterate, blind or those who have writing deficiencies (dysgraphia) can introduce selection bias.


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Outsourcing issues

Outsourcing to multiple vendors for databases, Ultra-Sounds (i.e., X-rays, CT scans, MRIs, ECHO etc.), devices and laboratory use creates uncoordinated data collection.


These problems translate to the loss of significant company revenue and competitive advantage. Stalled or rejected trials reduce future pharmaceutical development, negatively impacting the delivery of critical drugs, medical devices and other interventions for patients in need.
Soplix adds value because it equips companies with the tools to minimize clinical trial challenges. Our solution can improve clinical research outcomes in the following areas: compliance, data integrity, participant recruitment, project management, customization and data security.

Target Market

The total addressable market is growing daily with over 250,000 registered research studies being conducted in more than 200 countries. The US market alone has over 100,000 registered clinical studies. Soplix is becoming the new standard for the US market and aims to address the global market thereafter.


Our customer base is comprised of pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers, contract research organizations, diagnostic and medical laboratories and life science companies that perform clinical trials across all specialties and phases.